A Tramienr to eat. At Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto


Traminer, the restaurant of Salvatore Aricò and Giusy Bucca, is not what one might expect. Far from the major gastronomical routes, protected by the countryside but caressed by a fresh breeze from the Tyrrhenian sea, it is a project which was born from a concept of taste, reassuring, in no way eccentric. The search for fine products to work with is a meticulous one and the raw material from small artisans creates pearls for the palate and the highlights of the plate. The care practiced in the restaurant is equally meticulous, comfort is much felt, the lights are suffused and the atmosphere a relaxed one. The entranceway passes through an ample English-style garden with large sun-shading beach umbrellas, of fundamental importance during the summer months. The entrance to the restaurant is decorated elegantly and – an excellent sign – there are books , guides, shelves of wine, and artisan beer (one among many, that of Baladin) along with food and wine magazines. The menu is an ample one and well thought out as well. We began with a plate of local cheese and charcuterie which includes in addition jamon de Serrano. It was accompanied by a crunchy slice of wafer-like bread decorated with burrata cheese and the carpaccio of Cinisara. The first course, and we can tell you in advance that in itself it makes the trip worthwhile, is the Spaghetto Traminer, a pasta of Felicetti made with one sole type of wheat served in a velvety cream and flakes of fava beans, cherry tomatoes, the almonds of Avola, and a red shrimp. The presentation is impeccable, a vortex of spaghetti dotted with red and green colors, perfumed with the fragrance of the shrimp whose aroma is virtually a dive into the sea. The spaghetti are cooked perfectly, the fragrance of the shrimp flavors the fava beans hosted by the pasta, the tomato ties all of the flavors together. The second forkful of the pasta intercepts the almond and their unexpected crunchiness. The entire plate is watered with the La Cuba wine of Rallo. At this point we could have continued with sliced tuna or black Angus beef. We preferred, however, to be more continent and enjoy the terrace with almond biscuits and a fine Marsala Verginewine. The prices are commendable, 30 euro plus the cost of the drinks for full enjoyment. Those looking for simplicity can try the various types of pizza, whose average price is around 8 euro.

Ristorante Traminer
Via Enna, s.n.
Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (ME)
Ph. +39.0909763814
Open: lunch/dinner
Price: about 30 euro (excl. beverage)

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