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Di Giovanna

The Di Giovanna family property is managed by brothers Gunther and Klaus. The winery is nestled in the mountainside of Monte Genuardo, a protected nature reserve. Their organically cultivated vineyards surround the winery in the small zones of western Sicily’s Sambuca di Sicilia and Contessa Entellina. The 5th generation property of nearly 100 hectares is comprised of 65 hectares of vineyards, 14 hectares of olive trees, 21 forest hectares and wheat fields. The five family vineyards are located in the small DOC’s of Contessa Entellina and Sambuca di Sicilia in the heart of the Terre Sicane zone. The vineyards Miccina, Gerbino and Paradiso are located at a medium elevation of 350 to 480m with tufaceous, calcareous and clay mix soils in Contessa Entellina. The high altitude San Giacomo and Fiuminello vineyards flourish at 650 to 830m above sea level in the mountains surrounding the wine cellar in Sambuca di Sicilia. The vineyards are planted with international and indigenous varietals after extensive soil studies in the 1980’s. The white varietals include Chardonnay, Grillo & Viognier and the red varietals Nero d’Avola, Nerello Mascalese, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot. The soils consist of volcanic tuff, chalky, limestone and clay mix. The family vineyards are worked by hand from pruning until harvest, following organic methods from the vineyards to the wine cellar.

Next releases (spring 2020)
Doc Sicilia, Gerbino Rosato 2019 DG_Schede_Gerbino Rosato NA_ITA
Doc Sicilia, Gerbino Bianco 2019  DG_Schede_Tecniche_Gerbino Bianco_ITA
Doc Sicilia, Gerbino Rosso 2018 DG_Schede_Tecniche_Gerbino Rosso_ITA
Doc Sicilia, Helios Grillo 2018 DG_Schede_Tecniche_Helios Grillo DOC 2018_ITA-10
Doc Sicilia, Helios Rosso 2016 DG_Schede_Tecniche_Helios Rosso_ITA
Doc Sicilia, Vurria – Grillo 2019  DG_Schede_Tecniche_Vurria Grillo_ITA
Doc Sicilia, Vurrìa – Nerello Mascalese 2017 DG_Schede_Tecniche_Vurria Nerello Mascalese_ITA
Doc Sicilia, Vurrìa – Nero d’Avola 2018 DG_Schede_Tecniche_Vurria Nero d’Avola_ITA
Doc Sicilia, Vurrìa – Rosato 2019 DG_Schede_Tecniche_Vurria Rosato NM_ITA
Doc Sicilia, Camurrìa – Orange Natural Wine 2019 DG_TechSheet_Camurria_IT

Di Giovanna
Contrada San Giacomo snc. – 92017 Sambuca di Sicilia (Agrigento)
GPS position: 37°40’47.29”N, 13°11’46.20”E
Office: Corso Umberto I, 137 – 92017 Sambuca di Sicilia (AG)
Ph.: +39 0925 1955675 / mob. +39 320 6583904/ 3298355523
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DiGiovannaWine



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