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New wines – spring 2020

Grillo Feudo Arancio 2019: 2019 had an average vintage, with some rains occoured periodically along all the maturation period. This was not a problem in Acate area, that usually is very dry part of Sicily. A bit more rain occoured, effected positively on the grape expressions, and permit to have fresher white wines. Grillo looks to be more aromatic with a bit higher acidity and more crispy carachter, mantaining always his salty and tasty characteristic.

Nero d’Avola Feudo Arancio 2018: 2018 was a fresh and rainy vinatge everywhere in Sicily. A bit more rain occoured, effected positively on the grape expressions, and permit to express better the aroma of grapes like Nero d’Avola. More lively acidity and vertical wine in 2018, but still mantaining the roundness and the drinkability typical of nero d’Avola.

Cantodoro 2016: a period of maturation that occurred without particular events. Temperatures remained warm, but without particular peaks. This has helped the grapes to ripe naturally, without health problems or, on the other hand, by shaking the bunches.

Dalila 2018: 2018 had a lot of rainy days during the maturation period. Our agronomist took a lot of attention to green management in the vineyard, to expose as much as possible grapes to the sun. Results are a good ripening for grillo and a very intense accumulation of aromas in Viognier, that had benefited of wide temperature excursione between day and night. The finl result in an equilibrated wine, less concentrate than average vintage, but richer in aromas and freshness.

Hedonis 2015: Fresh and rainy vintage till middle of September. A great work in the vineyard has been done to ensure a perfect ripening of the grapes with a strong concentratin of tannins and polyphenols.

Hekate 2015: From the end of September there were perfect temperatures for “appassimento”. Dry climate, windy and sunny till late october, permitted to obtain very healty dry grapes, that created a special aromatic bouquet, very intense, and a perfect equilibrium in the body.

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