The Merano Wine Festival, 10-14 november 2017


The Merano Wine Festival is the first event in Europe which, since 1992, solely focuses on the selection of top quality products in an exclusive ambience. Its multi-sensory journey in just one Glass, has become a milestone in this type of festivals.

The Merano WineFestival is more than just an event, it is an outright think tank. It provides a platform for exchange between producers, opinion leaders, professionals and consumers. A proper benchmark for high quality and a reference for a selective purchase.

The visibility and notoriety of the Merano WineFestival reaches a global level and represents a brand of top-quality. Every selected company is part of the wine-world’s gotha.

To celebrate 26 years of history, there will be 5 days full of emotions and things to discover with friends: over 450 winemakers among the best of Italy and the rest of the world, almost 200 producers of culinary products and 15 prominent chefs. Expression of the best that our place has to offer, selected by the WineHunter Award Commissions.

Cooking Farm is the highlight of the new Chef Arena, where famous Italian chefs and master chefs will challenge the most traditional South Tyrolean countrywomen in the realization of traditional and innovational plates.

Meanwhile, the Masterclasses will represent a variety of guided tastings of excellent national and international wines with the purpose to create culture and knowledge.

Another fast-growing sector of the last years will be one of the protagonists: during the Naturae and Purae, the best biological, byodinamic, natural, “orange” and PIWI wines (Disease-resistant wine varieties) will be presented on the opening day.

As the highlight of the Merano WineFestival’s Grand Final, we will proudly present Catwalk Champagne, a display of over 250 champagnes by 80 french producers!


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Wine Italia – Sicily
Baglio di Pianetto
Barone di Villagrande
Cantine Rallo
Carlo Pellegrino
Duca di Salaparuta
Fazio Casa Vinicola in Erice
Feudo Maccari
Tasca d’Almerita
Valle dell’Acate

Bio & Dynamica – Sicily
Baronia della Pietra
Le Sette Aje
Marino Vini
Tenuta Bastonaca Vivera
Alessandro di Camporeale
Costatino Fabio Vincenzo


Merano Wine Festival
10-14 november 2017

Naturae et Purae – bio & dynamica
9 nov Gardens of Trauttmansdorff
10 nov Piazza della Rena/Sandplatz – Kurhaus

GourmetArena – The Official Selection
10-13 nov Promenade Cooking Farm
10-13 nov Piazza della Rena – Sandplatz

MWF – The Official Selection
11-13 nov Kurhaus

Charity Wine Masterclasses
11-13 nov Hotel Therme

Catwalk Champagne
14 nov Kurhaus

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