Alastro 2015 – Planeta


DOC Sicilia – Alastro 2015

This was one of the first wines to have seen the light at lake Arancio near the town of Sambuca di alastro-275x1024Sicilia in 1995, together with some more renowned Chardonnay and Merlot. Alastro is a long-sighted, proud and dignified wine that has been able to reinvent itself while maintaining a strong emotional identity, despite significant variations along the years. The 2015 product is still faithful to the Grecanico vine variety, whose percentage in the wine is 70%, but widens its aromatic spectrum encompassing Sauvignon Blanc and Grillo – although the latter was not harvested from the Ulmo vineyard, but from the district of Gurra.
Fresh as a crispy apple, citrus fruit and passion flower, its graceful and slender body moves with agile and mellow motions. Perhaps this is Planeta’s most symbolic wine, thanks to its ability to change, joviality and “upper casual” outfit. Sophisticated, chic, and up-to-date.

Try with raw shrimps





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