Assovini Sicily launches its solidarity initiative to tackle the Covid19 emergency


The Sicilian Association that brings together 90 wineries on the island will donate 20,000 euros to the Community of Sant’Egidio and the local Italian Red Cross unit.

Since its establishment, Assovini Sicilia has always stood out for its commitment to locally based solidarity initiatives and development projects. Seeing the difficulties that the country is currently facing  due to the spread of the pandemic, the Board of Directors of the Association, following the requests from its members, has decided to take real action to support those who are offering their help at this time of great suffering.

It was therefore decided to donate the sum of 20,000 euros to the Community of Sant’Egidio and the Italian Red Cross Committee of Palermo to support the fight against Covid-19. Both organisations have always been committed to helping the weakest segments of society. The Community of Sant’Egidio, headquartered in Palermo, has been involved for years in the care of the homeless. On the other hand, the Italian Red Cross’s Palermo Committee is carrying on a fundamental job ensuring access to basic needs.

The Association has also decided to postpone to 2021 the event Sicilia en PrimeurEvery May for seventeen years this event, promoted by Assovini Sicilia, has brought together about one-hundred journalists from all over the world. For this year, the Association decided to virtually involve the Italian and foreign press through two live Facebook broadcasts: one on Tuesday 12 May at 16.00 hrs. CEST for Italian, European and American audience and one onWednesday 13 May at 09.00 hrs. CEST for Asian and Indian audience. In this Facebook live event, Assovini Sicilia will meet and greet journalists and will share and explain data regarding the 2019 harvest.

Assovini Sicilia brings together 90 companies representing large, medium and small producers, and includes the most important wineries on the island. The companies are united by three elements: total control of the wine production chain, from the vineyard to the bottle; the production of quality bottled wine; and an international vision of the market.

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