Fazio Wines

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Fazio Wines

The history of Fazio Winery goes through four generations that have practiced viticulture and winemaking with passion and dedication. Girolamo and Vincenzo Fazio, with wine maker Giacomo Ansaldi, have turned the family business into a modern and effective winery in the surroundings of Erice, in the north-western Trapani area. Fazio believes in respecting the territory, focusing on their own grapes, and investing in the professional of human resources. And ‘characterized by a style that brings together tradition and innovation. The Fazio Family has played a key role to obtain legal recognition of the Erice DOC certification, which strengthens the relationship between production and a land having unique geological and climatic characteristics. DOC means ‘controlled denomination of origin’, and it is a quality assurance label for some Italian food products, which certifies that a particular product originates from a specific region.

Year of foundation: 1998
Agronomist: Filippo Angileri
Bottles produced: 800.000
Hectares: 200
Wine labels: 34
Company spokeswoman: Lilly Ferro

Fazio Wines – Casa Vinicola in Erice
Via Capitan Rizzo, 39 – fraz. Fulgatore
91010 Erice (Tp)
tel. 0923.811700

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/TEd5DVx2i6L2

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