The initiates: a comic artist and a Wine artisan exchange jobs


No comic strip in this case, but rather a graphic novel published in Italy by Porthos Edizioni. “The Initiates: A Comic Artist and a Wine Artisan Exchange Jobs” by Étienne Davodeau is in fact a graphic novel dedicated to wine which takes place in the Loire area in France. Here, the two protagonists’ lack of unawareness of each other’s crafts and skills in their two dissimilar professions accompanies a lay reader throughout the discovery of viticulture and wine production. The two characters exchange professions, which will foster a mutual growth: Etienne approaches the world of wine thanks to his friend Richard Leroy, who in turn discovers the universe of comic strips and publishing. As you read, it will become impossible to take your eyes off the book. The common ideal of quality at all costs no matter the price lies on the background. It’s no wonder this book was brought to Italy by Sandro Sangiorgi with Porthos. A journalist and wine expert, in slightly over 15 years Sangiorgi has managed to provide a different interpretation for understanding wine, being one of the first authors to have dealt with the so called “natural wines” thorny subject.

Suggested Wine: SP68 bianco 2015 – Arianna Occhipinti (Moscato di Alessandria 60%; Albanello 40%)


The Initiates: A Comic Artist and a Wine Artisan Exchange Jobs
Writer: Étienne Davodeau
Italian edition published by Porthos Edizioni
Published in 2015
Price: € 25,00

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