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Synonyms: Catarratto; Catarratto Latino; Catarratteddu; Catarrattulu Nostru; Catarratto Amantiddatu, Catarratto Lustru, Catarratto Virdulicchiu, Catarratto Dattuliddu. The Catarratto comune is a variety long cultivated on the island. To repeat an affirmation of Count Gallesio (1937-1939): “it is to be considered a classic grape variety of Sicily”. Biundi (1852)

Florio Concept Winery, tourism and more Marsala - Trapani 50.000 in 2015 for the historic Florio Winery in Marsala. The number of visitors choosing to enjoy the Florio experience was gratifyingly high and a continuing increase over previous years proof of the great interest in the innovative propositions