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Wine IN Sicily

The 2013 edition of Sicilia en Primeur will throw light on a new system of interaction among producers, the territory, and consumers. April 22nd, 2016 will be the date on which a new magazine directed by Francesco Pensovecchio and published da Assovini Sicilia will go on-line.

The project was born both from a careful analysis of data on tourism and wine tourism on the island which, for years by now, has registered constant increases, and from the need to group together what Sicily represents for its producers of wine: discovery, beauty, passion, emotion, pleasure. It’s quite a bit for an island which, in the last analysis, measures 180 x 90 miles (300 x 150 kilometers). Enclosed within its confines are differing traditions, landscapes, and ultures, stratified over three millennia of adventures and pure myth.

The thread which unites all of this is the group spirit of Assovini Sicilia. Over the last 18 years, it has worked on behalf of research, quality, and communication in wine in a context of common aims which nonetheless fully respects differences and diversity.

With this concept, and with the know-how which has been acquired, Wine IN Sicily is the point of conjunction for the wineries, the territory, and all those who will benefit from the project, a simple way to acquire information on the world of wine and all the best which the island can offer, from its restaurants to its structures of hospitality (hotels, inns, relais, and country tourism facilities). And, in addition, events, little known agricultural and artisan products, design, music, and literature, all interpreted in a way which will demonstrate the ties which wine creates for those who know how to appreciate it. Wine on a new wave length.

Wine In Sicily will be, for our Italian and international readers, a container which will show the thousand different faces of Sicily.

The “Wine In Sicily” project does not wish to be exclusive, but rather inclusive and shared, an open-source store of information suitable to be transmitted virally, an instrument for all those who wish to consult or contribute to the “Progetto Sicilia” project.

What will Wine In Sicily be like? It will be, above all, modern and sustainable because solely on-line, it will be simple, useful, and international, given that it will be translated into English by expert professionals in the field. Wine In Sicily will be the voice of the world of Sicilian wine, a platform useful for dialogue and debate and for an increasing awareness.

We thanks Immedia oth for having realized the magazine and for having embraced our mission, our passion for Sicily, An indispensable partner.