Il siciliano Pietro Russo è il terzo Master of Wine italiano


Dopo Gabriele Gorelli e Andrea Lonardi, il siciliano Pietro Russo è stato proclamato Master of Wine; è il terzo in Italia ad aver ottenuto il prestigioso titolo dall’Institute of Masters of Wine. Marsalese, classe 1985, Pietro Russo lavora da tempo nel settore grazie alle attività di famiglia. Dal 2010 lavora presso Donnafugata quale Senior Winemaker. Le lingue parlate: inglese, francese e spagnolo.

Titolo della sua ricerca: “Comparative analysis of different tartaric stabilization techniques, including the impact of new ingredient labelling rules, for Grillo and Nero d’Avola wines from Sicily“.

Nella biografia della proclamazione si legge:

Pietro is an Italian winemaker who grew up in Sicily, surrounded by the aroma of Marsala ageing in his grandparents’ garages. His first degree was in Viticulture and Oenology in Conegliano, followed by a Masters in Montpellier and Bordeaux. He accumulated hands-on experience by working harvests in France, Spain, New Zealand, Piedmont, and Sicily. From 2010 Pietro has held the role of the senior winemaker at Donnafugata, a successful and dynamic Italian wine brand. He crafts unique wines from the most compelling viticultural areas of Sicily; Etna, Pantelleria, Vittoria and Contessa Entellina. Technical expertise, a market and consumer-led approach and a profound commitment to preserve typicity informs his career in the wine industry. He speaks Italian, French, English and Spanish, and regularly judges at international wine competitions. Pietro lives in Marsala with his family, and when not travelling, he loves gardening, spearfishing and taking care of his two children.

Gli altri quattro proclamati nel mese di febbraio sono: Emily Brighton (UK – England), Christopher Martin (UK – England), Robert Mathias (UK – England), Dror Nativ (UK – England).






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