Il twitter party di Leslie Sbrocco con i #WinesOfSicily. USA, 3 novembre 2016


E’ un invito ad un “Twitter Party” che si terrà giorno 3 Novembre dalle 4-5pm PST/7-8pm EST (ora statunitense)* con Leslie Sbrocco.
In allegato, trovate una nota di benvenuto di Leslie e la lista dei 25 influencer che verranno coinvolti e delle ricette da abbinare con i tre vini selezionati, Grillo, Nero d’Avola e Frappato.
Cheers e buon Party!

Paper Materials for Wine KitsCiao!
After a recent trip to Sicily, I fell in love with the place. The local cuisine (caponata and cannoli are THAT good), the rich cultural history, and the wines impressed me so much I partnered with the Wines of Sicily on an upcoming Twitter Tasting. Actually, we prefer to call it a Twitter Party because that’s the essence of Sicily – capturing the fun of life. Enclosed is a three-pack of wines including Grillo, Frappato, and Nero d’Avola. Each of these grape varieties is unique to Sicily. During the tasting we’ll discover what makes Sicilia DOC wines so special. I look forward to virtually sharing a glass – or three – on Thursday, November 3 from 4-5pm PST/7-8pm EST. Please pass along the #WinesOfSicily hashtag with your audience and encourage them to grab a bottle and join us.
Saluti! Leslie

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