A Magazine For The New “Global Wine”


by Giulio Somma
Editor-In-Chief of Il Corriere Vinicolo

When the first issue of Il Corriere Vinicolo came out in Milan, Italy, in 1928, as the magazine of Unione Italiana Vini (still the oldest and most important Association of Italian Wine Producers today), the term “global” didn’t appear on the pages as an indication of the magnitude of market phenomena, and wine was almost exclusively a European product. The great Italian, French and Spanish wines had already crossed the ocean to conquer élite consumers in different countries of the world, but it was a limited phenomenon, a far cry from the mass dynamics that wine consumption has taken on all over the world today. And vineyards were already present in some non-European countries, for instance South Africa, Australia, Chile or California to name just a few, but they were mostly known at a local level and had a generally limited economic value. Since then, the magnitude of wine on a global level has radically changed. What’s more, there is now no country on earth where the ancient drink of Bacchus is not drunk. There is no area of the globe that doesn’t have its own vines, its cellars housing wines with a strong territorial imprint that expert producers perfect, year after year, throwing themselves into conquering markets in a great competitive agon that no longer has boundaries. Wine has left its European cradle forever to become a global phenomenon to all intents and purposes, in terms of both consumption and production.And we, who have experienced this great expansive phenomenon supported by a winemaking system that has led the way, together with an industrial chain of machines, technology, products and solutions for winemaking and viticulture that has led the globalization of wine production by bringing Italian know-how to all the conti- nents that grow vines today, we couldn’t just sit back and be spectators or narrators of this extraordinary event.And so, the oldest weekly wine magazine in the world, at the dawn of its 92nd year, decided to open a window “on and for” the global wine world, broadening the experience of Wine by Numbers, the statistical magazine of our journal dedicated to world markets and started over eight years ago.This led to the creation of WWM, Wine World Magazine, Il Corriere Vinicolo’s international publication. It is a magazine designed for the modern producer of “global wine” who is looking for information on research trends in the vineyard and cellar, innovations in technology and the solutions science offers to the production system. The focus is on analyzing the development of international markets, so it looks for in-depth information on world wine trade scenarios and markets of individual countries (emerging or already mature), because their continually evolving taste and consumer trends hide (or reveal) new business opportunities. On these markets, our magazine encounters “the other side” of the supply chain, buyers and distribution workers who we will converse with via studies on global business trends, data, statistics and analyses of the scenario of individual wine types as well as specific areas or countries in the world, which become valuable for those who deal with continually changing markets on a daily basis. Science, research, innovation, technology, production systems on the one hand, data, statistics, scenarios and market trends on the other, as well as politics, culture, environment, territory and tourism linked to wine have always been our “daily bread”. They have made Il Corriere Vinicolo a unique magazine in the world, which we want to o er to wine producers and professionals all over the planet, starting from today. We would like to set o on a path of sharing with you, to construct the new “global wine” magazine together. We welcome any comments, ideas, criticisms and suggestions that can help transform “our” magazine into “your” magazine. We are looking forward with a thousand- year-old history behind us, which helps wine to maintain its fascinating unique nature that has won over (and will continue to win over) consumers of many languages and different cultures.

Source: https://corrierevinicolo.unioneitalianavini.it/giornale/wine-world-magazine-july-2020

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