Robert Camuto, award-winning journalist, travel writer, and correspondent from Europe for Wine Spectator, explores Southern Italy in his last book South of Somewhere: Wine, Food, and the Soul of Italy (University of Nebraska Press), just in Italy with the title


The weekend of 30-31 May 2020 #CantineAperteInsieme (Cantine Aperte Together) Virtual Special Edition arrives: the event most loved by wine tourists that for over 25 years has led to the discovery of Italy's wine this year

For visitors, Palermo provides some tourist information centers (CIT) where you can

What is the current situation in Sicily? Currently there is a lower diffusion

Sunday 2 June from 6 p.m., in Piazzetta Sant'Onofrio in


A small piece of paradise at Makari, a mere two miles from the town of

Rovitello, the northern slope of Mount Etna. The Fessina estate is a corner of the