Corona Trattoria, fine fish & chic in Palermo


A mixed blessing, delight and disappointment, terrifying prices, victim of conservation technology: the fish restaurant, due to the raw material it works, by now difficult to find, expensive, not easily understandable and easy to appreciate.. And then, serious and professional places in the big cities are virtually nowhere to be found.

And yet … in the heart, the “chic” part, of Palermo there is a small spot, a bistrot run by a family which has the restaurant business in its DNA. We are talking about the Corona Trattoria e di Gianni. Born to the trade, Gianni Corona took his first steps with Borgo Vecchio but for a few years now has been in via Marconi with this project, the Trattoria di Qualità, the quality bistrot. And quality is precise that to which Corona cuisine remains anchored. Fresh fish is what distinguishes the a la carte menu, which also presents indispensable dishes not on the menu (precisely due to their availability on the market) which clients cannot miss: first and foremost the Gamberetti Marinati (marinated shrimp) accompanied by savory Sardines. Among the first courses well worth mentioning are the Busiata con Uova di Pesce, (a short twisted pasta with fish eggs), second only to the formidable Pasta con i Ricci, pasta with sea urchins, whose only defect is not always being available (and, for this reason, a special). As far as the second courses are concerned, tradition commands:  Involtini di Spatola (a roulade of swordfish), Fritto misto (a fish fry), and a Spiedino di Pesce (fish on a skewer). Seasonal offerings also dominate the desserts.  How can we not cite the Gelo di Mellone (rigorously spelled with two l’s, in the local manner), the melon ice cream prepared every morning prepared every morning from July to September.

In short, a culinary experience not to be missed, perhaps sitting at the tavolo Social, a large table shared with others, surrounded with choice bottles of wine selected with meticulous attention by Orazio Corona, part of the new generation now coming to the fore.

Corona Trattoria
Via Guglielmo Marconi, 9
90141 Palermo
Tel.: +39-091335139
Closed: sunday (dinner) and monday
Holidays: one week in August
Price per p.: € 35,00


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