Palermo, extraordinary home, all to live in. Between history and design.


The increasing flow of tourists who come to visit Palermo, an important two digit increase as a percentage, have created important hospitality projects in the capital of Sicily. Monuments cleaned and polished up, a part of the past and historic dwelling places brought back to life and now offering excellent comfort – this is a absolutely winning mix. From May of 2017 on, in addition, Palermo will be “Italy’s 2018 Capital of Culture” and the seat of the international exposition of contemporary art, “Manifesta 12”. The opportunities are ample: an infinite number of B&B, apartments and rooms for rent, often as competitive, spacious, and discreet as luxurious grand hotels which, as well, are by now virtually completely booked. A standard room in a first class (four star) hotel, one with 190-270 square feet  (18-25 square meters of space) costs between 150 and 190 euro. For the same sum, however, it is possible to sleep in a period home with 645-860 square feet (60-80 square meters) or even more and  with high class design and services. Here are a few addresses.

Kalsa Luxury home – Palermo
Near the Foro Italico, the Kalsa Luxury Apartment is an apartment located on the top floor of a 19th century building between the Santa Teresa alla Kalsa church and the Porta Felice  gate, one of the oldest and loveliest zones of the city.   The view over the roofs of the city is, on its own, worth the price. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a solarium on the terrace with garden with a view over the church. Every necessarity is available; appliances, satellite TV, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, and even a barbecue. A comfortable and modern elevator saves guests the fatigue of climbing the stairs. Outside in the neighborhood: narrow streets, open plazas, the street food of the Chiluzzo area: bread and slices of fried chick pea flour, croquets, “arancine” (fried, stuffed rice balls), and chick pea flour and mashed potato rissoles made from scrapings. In 2018, in this very street, Massimo Valsecchi’s new museum of art will open with works of Andy Warhol, Gerard Richter, David Tremlett, Gilbert & George, and Annibale Carracci on display along with majolica works, Pop Art objects and archaeological findings. The magnate, in fact, has purchased the Palazzo Butera palace and has turned in the spot where his collection will be housed. The reservation service of the Kalsa Luxury is in the hands of the agency. The minimum stay is two nights. Prices start at €160 for the double room.
Kalsa Luxury Apartment
Via Torremuzza, 5 – Palermo
Tel. +39 3385456153 / +39 3341349649 / + 39 091 7838185

La Foresteria – Palermo
We are certain that the seven restructured apartments  of the Planeta family, inaugurated in 2017, will be a success ( The availability completes that of the Planeta wine resorts: La Foresteria in Menfi (province of Agrigento), “Dorilli” at Vittoria (province of Ragusa), and the “Case Sparse” in the vineyards of Noto (province of Siracusa). In the early 20th century palace in Palermo, where the Planeta family still lives, every detail is the object of near-maniacal attention: taste and fine design can be seen in the furnishings and in the furniture, as in the smaller details (the luminous linen curtains and the majolica works). The spaces are modern in concept and comfort is a priority, the services are personalized to the requirements of the clients. The rooms vary from 400 to 1075 square feet (40-100 square meters). The mansard with exposed roof beams and private terrace is a romantic angle for couples looking for atmosphere. The edifice is wedged into the Principe di Belmone pedestrian area just a few meters away from Piazza Ignazio Florio and   the area of the port and its boats are a walking distance away, as are the Teatro Massimo and Teatro Politeamo theaters. The welcoming kit includes – and it could not be otherwise – a bottle from the Planeta cellars.  The minimum stay is three night and prices start at €130 for the double room. This is an ideal solution for connoisseurs looking for the inside track to the world of wine. The Planeta circuit is the answer to all possible needs.
La Foresteria Palermo – Apartment Hotel
Via Principe di Belmonte, 68 – 90139 Palermo
Tel.: (+39) 09251955 460 – 3601045166

Heima Suites – Palermo
The Heima Suite is located in the historic Via Alloro, just a few steps from the Museo Palazzo Abatellis Museum, where the works of such representative artists as Gagini and Antonello da Messina are housed, and not distant from the monumental Giardino Garibaldi gardens.  A small jewel between the Kalsa district and Piazza Magione, it is situated in the Palazzo Beccadelli Bologna, Principi di Sambuca palace, better known as the Palazzo Sambuca. The palace itself, completely reworked and enlarged in1787, was gravely damaged during World War II but it was brought back to active life in 1999 thanks to a long and conscientious program of renovation and recovery. Helma Suite has the form of a very large apartment, close to 5000 square feet (450 square meters) with four bathrooms and three bedrooms, some with terraces. The common spaces, however, including the majestic living room and the professional kitchen, are available to everyone. The décor is elegant and consists of such natural materials as the oak used for the parquet floor, the stone from Ragusa in the bathrooms, and the wainscoting on the walls. The apartment is particularly quiet, as it gives onto the courtyard of the Sambuca palace. Reservations can be made through Prices start at €230 or are available at €170 per bedroom if all are reserved.
Heima Suites
Via Alloro, 36 – Palermo

La Bella Palermo
We have already spoken and at length about Palazzo Pantelleria Varvaro and professor  Massimo Cazzaniga in an article by our Giovanna Abrami (click on  The immense efforts of restoration and recovery made in this splendid 16th century building located in piazza Cavalieri di Malta, behind the church of San Domenico, are well worth recalling to mind. It is possible to rent five bedrooms – three doubles and two singles – in the part of palace called La Bella Palermo total; eight persons, in total, can sleep on the premises. It is more than luxury, it is the possibility to sleep immersed both in history and a contemporary artistic project. Prices start at €150 per person per night.
La Bella Palermo
Piazza Cavalieri di Malta, 2
90133 Palermo
Tel. +39.3351778973

BB22 Palace
Patricia Marchetti has already been working for several years with her BB22  bed and breakfast. She now offers, in addition, “BB22 Palace”, part of the new and prestigious structure of the Palazzo Moncada di Paterno facing Piazza San Domenico. Constructed in the years between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries, it has the eclectic type of architecture which characterized the period but which shows, as well, a glance backwards towards the architecture of the 18th century. The apartment is on two levels with two bedrooms – each independent – on the upper floor and four additional bedrooms on the lower floor. The common spaces can be used as a living room, and there is a terrace for diehard smokers. Breakfast is served  in the dining room in the morning. Various services are available, and include both a personal chef and a personal trainer. A boat for sea lovers is available in the golf of Mondello.
BB22 Palace
Via Bandiera, angolo via Roma – Palermo (centro)
Te. (+39) 091326214


La Foresteria Planeta


Khalsa Luxury Apartment


Heima Suite


BB22 Palace