Rallo’s al Qasar is a happy anomaly


Rallo’s al Qasar is a happy anomaly
Sicily and dry aromatic wines

To a large number of persons, the notice, has not gone unobserved. The house of Rallo in Marsala (Trapani) has experienced constant growth. In double digits. And not merely because of awards and recognition or in terms of sales volume, but above all for a conscious and dynamic vision of its work, for the new and fresh labels of its wines, and for its policy of respect for the environment, its certified organic production philosophy.

Above and beyond these facts, there is one wine which is even more surprising than the others, one that seems a direct link to the aromatic offerings of central Europe.

Al Qasar is a dry white wine produced from Muscat d’Alexandrie (Zibbibo) grapes with an alcohol level held to 10.5°. The combination of low alcohol, elegant aromas, and ability to last and keep make it a product without equals in Sicily. The climatic conditions of Alcamo, in fact, are so favorable to ripening as to make a wine of this type a somewhat improbable event: the structure of the wines is so robust as to normally lift alcohol levels above 13.5°.

This dry version of a Muscat wine, whose grapes are cultivated in vineyards located Patti Piccolo, recalls in its fragrance peach flowers and orange blossoms in a tropical framework. A worthy rival to French Muscadet wines and to certain semi-aromatic offerings of German’s southwest. The house says that it is a one-shot wine, the benevolent caprice of an extraordinary vintage, the 2014. We hope otherwise.

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