Goodbye Giacomo



This is an announcement which we would never have wished to give. Giacomo Rallo, born in 1937, honored as a Cavalier of the Italian Republic for his work, founder of the Donnafugata winery, co-founder of the Associazione Viticoltori Sicilia (Assovini), the association of Sicilian wine producers and its first president, passed away very suddenly this morning, May 10th.
A bare listing of his activities and initiatives on behalf of wine, of the culture both of wine and of Sicily would be interminable and would be impossible to organize and recount in a moment of such deep emotion.
Our deepest sympathies to the family, which we wish to embrace, his wife Gabriella and his children José and Antonio and to all those who work at Donnafugata.
To Giacomo, in this moment in which we wish To recall him, we can only say: thank you. And offer him that embrace which we so much wish – transmuted into words – to give him.

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